Treatment Price
New Patient assessment £65
Implant assessment £85
Implants (includes crown) from £2000
X-Rays from £9
Veneers £500
Crowns £405-£577
Bridge per tooth (crown retained) £405-£577
Bridge - adhesive from £500
Teeth Whitening £348
Root Canal £154-£330
White Fillings £53-£132
Amalgam Fillings £39-£82
Porcelain Inlay/onlay from £300
Dentures £189-£650
Hygienist from £39
Tooth removal from £64

Lisburn Dental Clinic is situated in Lisburn at 33 Bachelors Walk just across the road from the train station

The following fees should be taken as a guide only, last updated May 2022. Each patient is provided a quote specific to their own individual treatment plan.