Smile Makeovers

The Holywood smile - the perfect smile makeover

‘Hollywood smiles’ are achieved by using a combination of all or some of the following: tooth whitening, crowns, veneers and orthodontics.

This type of life transforming treatment has become very popular in recent years as a result of programmes like "Extreme Makeovers" and "Smile Makeovers" as seen on Channel 4.

We all know what the perfect smile is although it is difficult to define. Simply put, it is the amalgamation of the ‘perfect’ form, position, proportion, alignment, and colour of the teeth. Use of the word, ‘perfect’ must be qualified by observing that the term is emotive and very much modified by social preconditions and therefore does not really exist. Nevertheless, if one observes the teeth of movie stars then one does notice a similarity between each of their smiles. This ‘similarity’ is governed by the ratio of tooth length to width, by their relative position to one another and to the lips, and by their ‘white’ colouring and value of brightness.

Whatever your requirement, at Lisburn Dental Clinic we ensure that the desired outcome is achieved by listening to your needs and planning treatment using diagnostic models and photographs before a tooth is even touched. It is important that together we agree what we are looking to achieve so that we can deliver a beautiful long lasting smile.